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EBI Live: A collaborative learning community


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Stay inspired, connected, and motivated! Each month, an EBI instructor will offer a 90-minute, live, experiential online course designed to motivate, educate, and inspire. These programs will be applicable both personally and professionally. Our aim is to create a super affordable way to stay in close connection with you through ongoing, high-quality conversations on the following topics:

  • Resiliency through Nature Connection, Emergency Preparedness, Ancestral Health, Immune System and Gut Health, Transforming Fear with Gratitude, Vision and Business Enhancement for Entrepreneurs, Creative and Playful Expressions with the Land, Transforming Burnout into Action, Staying Rooted with Belief, and Group Functioning as Living Systems.

Each session will include:

  1. Experiential practice
  2. An informational lecture or presentation
  3. Community Connection
  4. Downloadable resources and materials

Membership includes:

  • Priority access to future live sessions at no addtional cost
  • Access to recorded session archive
  • Community forums and group pages
  • Instructor support through email
  • Discounts towards other online courses and online trainings
  • Discounts towards our one-on-one coaching service

Monthly Membership

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Annual Membership

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EBI Live Membership Cancelation and Refund Policy

  • The credit card on file will be charged automatically on a monthly or annual cycle depending on the membership chosen.
  • To cancel, members can do that manually, at any time, through their account page found on the EBI Learning Center, or they can email a request to
  • There are no refunds or prorating. The cancelation means that the credit card on file will not be charged at the next cycle.
  • Membership access will remain active until the end of the billing cycle.

Session will be recorded, archived and available to you during your membership. You will also have access, through forums and groups, to the entire family of members participating from around the world.  All courses will be taught in English.

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2021 EBI Live Calendar

All sessions are from 6pm-7:30pm Mountain Time




January 12

Ancestral Health – It’s All in the Gut

At its heart, the immune system recognizes ‘me vs. not me’.  If something is seen as ‘not me’, our body will attack it.  However, we are immersed in a world of ‘not me’….including our food.  I am continually humbled by how our bodies solve this problem through our digestive tract.  We’ll explore the process of how this should work and the reasons that process can go sideways.

Dr. Shaun Riddle

February 9

Creating a Healthy Relationship With Doubt and Fear

In this webinar I will share with you how I learned to master the art of owning my fears by empowering gratitude in a radical way! You will learn several tools I have practiced and embodied to thrive on your journey of living a life of adventure and purpose so that you can make your impact on the world.

Daniel Brisbon

March 9

Working With Groups As Living Systems

During this class, learn through experience what it feels like to be part of a “living group.” We’ll explore the 3 phases in the spiral of group life: connection, chaos, consciousness. We’ll play with deepening into the connection phase and learn about the methods of facilitation that encourage groups to function as living systems.

Hannah Tirrell-Wysocki

April 13

Emergency Preparedness

At its core, this class is a leadership training. While we will be discussing practical steps for emergency preparedness, we will also be exploring the awareness mindset required to shift from fear and reaction when an emergency situation occurs to a grounded response.  

Michael Jospe

May 11

Topic TBD*


June 8

Art and Nature Journeys: Examples/Exercises

During this class, try out a number of creative exercises in the land to pair with your intentions.  Experience play and creativity with the land that you can later incorporate with your clients or communities. Backyards, parks or landscapes in your imagination all welcome. (Simple art supply list TBA)

Ivy Walker

July 13

The Work That Reconnects

This workshop will share a taste of Joanna Macy’s, “work that reconnects” framework for transforming overwhelm, despair and burnout into energized, inspired and connective action. Learn tools to apply to your unique life experiences and become part of the ripple effect towards a more resilient world. Try out the practice of coming from gratitude, honoring our pain, seeing with new eyes and going forth.

Hannah Tirrell-Wysocki

August 10

How to Become an Unshakeable Force of Nature

One of the greatest superpowers that we each possess is the power of belief. Believing that we are capable of staying rooted when the storms of life arrive. We are all capable of becoming amazing people, but first we must learn to believe, and that is what I’ll teach you in this webinar.

Daniel Brisbon

September 14

Topic TBD*


October 12

Topics in Ecopsychology: Healing and the Earth

What exactly are the benefits of connecting with nature? To better understand how time in nature boosts our resilience, in this class we will explore studies on nature connection and the effects on the human psyche and the body.

Ivy Walker

November 9

5 Steps to a Successful Nature-Connected Business

What actions can nature-connected entrepreneurs take to enhance their businesses? This session aims to inspire, motivate and spark creativity to keep you focused and committed to your Vision.

Michael Jospe

December 14

Topic TBD*


*Keep an eye out for announcements about these pending presentation topics!