EBI Scholarship Fund Information

Terms and Conditions for Contributions

  1. All contributions are non-refundable.
  2. EBI is a for-profit organization so contributions are NOT tax-deductible.
  3. Funds will be added to a separate savings account and will not be available for students to access until after a minimum of $3500 is available. If the account drop below $3500, the funds will not be available to students.
  4. Students must apply for support with this form and show a true need for financial help.
  5. When a student is awarded support the money will be transferred into the EBI main account and the student will either receive a coupon, discount, or, (in the case of travel expenses), a reimbursement, or (in the case of payment plans) a reduction of principal for the amount awarded.
  6. EBI will determine how much to award a student based on their request and the funds that are available, so the money can be shared. This means that students may not receive the full amount they request.
  7. Your contribution will remain anonymous unless you tell us otherwise directly.
  8. Please contact us to make changes to your contribution.