EBI Scholarship Fund

EBI is all about supporting others to follow their calling and bring their Vision out into the world. There are so many amazing people whose Visions could have a huge impact on the world but cannot afford to get started with EBI. By contributing to the EBI Scholarship fund you are supporting the growth of the EBI community and giving someone the extra nudge of encouragement they need to take a step towards helping others and Earth.

The amount you give will be put towards supporting students whose financial needs are preventing them from attending EBI and its programs in the following order of priority.

    1. Nature Connected Coaching Tuition – 60% of available funds
    2. Quest and Wilderness Training – 15% of available funds
    3. Travel and Lodging Expenses – 10% of available fund
    4. Next Step and Deep Dive Courses – 5% of available funds
    5. Short Online trainings -5% of available funds

EBI will continue to offer its $2500 NCC Scholarship as a contribution to this effort. The contributions you make will be used as additional support.

We expect the amount in the fund to fluctuate, so our goal is to maintain a minimum of $3500 in order for money to become available to students. While that is not a lot of money, the goal with this is to be able to provide a student a boost when the need arises. The more money available, the more people we can help!

To access these additional funds students will need to fill out this request form. If funds are available, we will prioritize students who can show they are truly in need and at risk of not being able to pay their tuition or complete their training.

Any amount you offer helps. You can provide a one-time contribution or create a regular ongoing contribution with a schedule and amount you choose. For example: you can decide to contribute $10/month for 12 months. EBI is a for-profit organization with a heart and soul and a motivation to help others and the Earth. While your contribution is not tax-deductible, it will be used to make a difference!

Some details that might help:

  • The full tuition for NCC is $11,200.00 (not including travel expenses)
  • The Wilderness Quest tuition is $1500.00
  • Other online trainings range between $250-$500

Our terms and conditions for contributions are available here.  All contributions made are non-refundable.  If you would like to donate airline miles, a place to stay during intensives (if you are in the Boulder area), or you would like to offer support in other ways, please contact us directly.

Current Amount in the Fund: $500

We’re just getting started.  We will update this page monthly.  

Help us reach $3500!