Re-emergence: A Wilderness Quest October 2021


Mark the transition into a new vision for your life

Join us October 7-16, 2021 for our fall wilderness quest.

The cost of the program is $1850.

$500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a seat.

See below for more details

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Covid offered us the gift of stillness and introspection, and time to get clear on who we are and where we are going. The opportunity has arisen for us to reinvent our world, but that change must start from within. 

Re-Emergence is a ceremony for people who are determined to reenter the world with a new and clear purpose and vision for themselves and the world they want to create. 

It is for those who have found themselves becoming aware of patterns in their lives that no longer serve them. It is for those who unearthed a new way of being, and are ready to step into it more fully. It is for those who have realized a mis-alignment they are yearning to re-align. 

Together, we will journey into the wild lands of Southern Utah to support each other in bringing our new visions to life, marking the transition with a 4-day solo fast within the container of a 10-day ceremony. 


What is a Wilderness Quest?

The Wilderness Quest is an epic journey like no other!  A true wilderness immersion and a transformational ceremony that reaches deep into everyone’s ancestry and connection to nature. There is no one way or one reason to quest, only a calling and yearning to connect to something far greater than yourself. Once you commit, your ceremony begins, the Severance starts, and your intention for Threshold will become more clear.  It is the calling that you need to listen to, not the thoughts of worry or questions of unknown. It’s a big choice and your mind has no way of really knowing what the end result will be. Yet, your Soul knows you need it. Listen to that! Questing may become a way of life for you (it has for us), where each year, or every few years, you reestablish your connection through a Quest. If you’ve already Quested before, is it time once again?

Are you hungry for a week in the wilderness with an amazing group of people? Are you ready to let Nature guide you, hold you, and teach you?

Program Details:

  • Cost: $1850 – $500 Deposit due at registration.  Balance Due September 1st
  • Location: Utah (exact location TBA) 
  • Dates:  October 7-16, 2021
  • Sample Itinerary:
    • Days 1-3: Set up base camp, Severance work
    • Days 4-7: 4-night solo/Threshold
    • Days 8-10: Basecamp, Incorporation work

More Details:

  • Dinners, Breakfasts and Incorporation feast provided.  You are responsible for 4-5 lunches and snacks. Kitchen provided.
  • We will be camping, so you will need to bring your own tent and sleeping gear
  • Solo sites will be close enough to basecamp that you can have quick access to David and Hannah if needed.