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Prerequisite: Wilderness Quest

Thank you for your interest in the EBI Quest Apprenticeship Program. This program is for folks who have already participated in a Wilderness Quest Ceremony such as a Vision Quest, Healing Quest, Prophecy Quest, etc. and are looking to become guides and protectors of the Quest themselves. This is a sacred role that holds a deep, life-long level of responsibility.  Be sure your heart is calling for that! 

The Quest is the ultimate Nature-Connected transformational experience. There is nothing that can replace its ancient, mythical, pan-cultural power. It touches each quester differently. As a guide, you learn to collaborate with that power and set your participants up for direct contact with it. Your job is to listen. 

In fact, “the listening” starts now. People have started to feel The Call to Quest and are now determining if they can participate in this summer’s program with EBI. Once that connection is made, their Severance begins; which means it’s time for the guides to get to work. In truth, Hannah and David have already put several hours into meeting and working with potential quester for this summer’s Quest – listening and helping them decide if they are ready to answer The Call. Do you see yourself there, too? Becoming a Quest Guide will take your coaching skills beyond anything we can teach you in the NCC program.

This training will provide you with three layers of education:

  1. Quest and Rites of Passage Facilitation and Protection skills
  2. Wilderness Retreat planning and implementation
  3. Clarity in personal goals for this line of work.

The curriculum for this program will follow the outline of Ceremony and will address three planes of experience – Self, Soul and Spirit – or, The Physical, The Psychological, and The Spiritual Planes.

Note: For the purpose of this training “spiritual” refers to anything outside and beyond the physical and psychological. EBI does not teach or train in any religious modality or dogma.  We focus on supporting the experiences our participants have rather than asking them to abide by a spiritual approach that we think is right or best. This opens the Quest up to all who feel the call regardless of cultural background. So, please understand that you will not be taught specific ceremonies, symbolism, or rituals derived from different cultures. You will learn the foundations of this process and it will be up to you to decide if there are specific symbols, ceremonies, and rituals that fit for the work you do. The modern-day Wilderness Quest is different from those of the ancient times that are rooted in specific traditions. The EBI Quest is a blend of the foundations of this ancient process with modern scientific and psychological understanding to help ground it in the here and now, allowing it to be accessible to many different groups of people

Expectations and Time Commitments:


  • One (minimum) 1:1 meeting with Michael to discuss personal goals and focus.
  • Attend monthly Q/A sessions that occur for potential participants: 1/21, 2/18, etc.
  • Attend three pre-trip apprentice group zoom sessions with Michael: Dates TBD
    • Topics: Permitting and insurance; budgeting and finances; participant experience, and what the guides are doing now; pre-trip communications with participants; understanding the Quest ceremony from a guide perspective…
  • Attend quest pre-trip session with Hannah and David for Participants: Date TBD
  • In-person, at Michael’s house in Boulder, pre-trip prep, shopping, and packing:  8/3 & 8/4 
  • Travel to Gunnison and camp set-up: 8/5
  • 8/6 Meeting group in Gunnison and guide them to the land: the program starts

During Trip

  • Maintain camp
  • Prepare and cook meals
  • Restocking trips to town
  • Participate in all group circles and discussions
  • Engage in your own mini-quest, guided by Michael and your apprentice group
  • When appropriate, shadow and support guides


  • Gear cleaning, packing, and storage
  • Attend all post-trip sessions with participants: Dates TBD
  • Final Details
  • Personal manual (see “additional project section”)
  • Plan on returning to Boulder the evening of 8/14 for unpacking and final details on 8/15.  It will be possible to fly out the night of the 15th..

Curriculum Outline:

This is a draft and is subject to change, something to give you a good idea of what to expect



Logistics and program coordination topics

  • Food, gear, and kitchen
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Travel and group coordination
  • Permits, permissions
  • Emergency planning
  • Participant communication
  • Insurance and liability
  • Health forms and health issues
During trip
  • Camp Safety and LNT
  • Camp set-up and maintenance

Quest and ROP Facilitation topics

  • Preparation and packing support
  • “Getting one’s house in order”
During Trip
  • Finding solo sites
  • Wandering
  • Safety
  • Tarp and shelter
  • Communication
  • Fasting and detoxing
  • Encounters with wild animals, other people, etc 
  • Creating threshold
  • Use of fire (if there is no fire-ban)
  • Buddy systems


Logistics and program coordination topics

  • Understanding and accommodating for individual needs
  • Meal planning
  • Comfort considerations
During trip
  • Confidentiality and ground rules
  • Group bonding and safety
  • Schedule and timing
  • Working with fear and holding emotions
  • Walking in two worlds

Quest and ROP Facilitation topics

  • Letters of intent
  • Pre-trip meetings
During Trip
  • Intention setting
  • Moving beyond story – series of ceremonies
  • Spontaneous ceremonies
  • Wanders and immersion in nature


Program Coordination and Facilitation topics

  • Listening
  • Setting your own intentions
  • Feeling into the power of the place
During trip
  • Ceremonial sites
  • Silence



Logistics and program coordination topics

  • Safety and agreements
  • Water and food considerations
  • Restocking and camp maintenance
  • Timing
  • Communications

Quest and ROP Facilitation topics

  • Opening and crossing the threshold
  • Protecting the threshold
  • Working with questers who come in for support
  • Ending a fast early
  • 24-hour availability


Logistics and program coordination topics

  • Staying present and aware while questers are out on the land
  • Use of fire

Quest and ROP Facilitation topics

  • Personal Development and nature immersion
  • Threshold support ceremonies and rituals
  • Give-away  



Logistics and program coordination topics

  • Timing
  • Camp clean up and breakdown

Quest and ROP Facilitation topics

During trip
  • Breaking the fast
  • Closing thresholds
  • Storytelling and mirroring
  • Ritual creation
  • Return conversations
  • Letters
  • Giveaway
  • 8-12 months of follow up meetings


Logistics & ROP Facilitation Topics

During trip
  • Layers of return ceremonies
  • Timing and working with the energy of return
  • Working with strong emotions and worry
  • Planning and working with overwhelm
  • Accountability support and staying connected and motivated
  • Using the power of the group and transitioning out as a guide
  • Evolving Vision

Additional Apprentice Project

  • Each apprentice will be invited to draft a manual or guidebook for how they will run their own transformational wilderness program. This will be for their own personal reference and should include program goals and objectives that align with their Vision as guides.

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